Neo 920 Infant Incubator

Infant Warmer

Infant Incubator

Neo 920

Infant Incubator

NEO 920 Neonatal Intensive Care Infant Incubators are an advanced microprocessor based servo controlled systems with hi-temperature cut off safety facility. Closed care Infant Incubators are full featured NICU equipment to meet Neonatal critical care requirements for new-born baby those in need of temperature maintenance

Neo 920 Infant Incubator with microprocessor based servo controlled temperature controller Modes with Skin & Air with Humidity concertation control system, multiple failure alarm indications for safety.  

Front loading acrylic double walled hood with six port holes for clear air circulation and to maintain uniform temperature across the baby hood, baby tray head up & head down tilting facility, 

Side IV stand with monitor tray and lower drawer facility for  utility purpose   

*Accessories shown in the image may not be part of the standard equipment